Heavy Haul

In Kepaah logistics oversized and heavy haul freight gets special attention for handling and equipment with our experienced logistics team. Regardless of whether the freight is too wide, heavy, tall or unusually shaped, will ship it where you want it and get it there on time. We offer dedicated teams with right equipment and an extensive network to make all the right moves with our wide range of oversized equipment such as multi-axle configurations, Trunnion dolly system transports, drop deck and double drop deck extendable, step decks and other flatbed equipment to transport oversized cargos or freights.

Our team can provide expert advice regarding terminal and documentation issues, require equipment, best stowage planning, etc.  Unique cargo requires special care and handling and a trained team of professionals.

  • Double drop Extendable

  • 24’ to 26’ Doubles Trailer (Roll Door)

  • 53’ Quad-Axle Dry Vans

  • 9-13 Axle configurations

  • 19 Axle configurations

  • Double Neck Super 13 axle

  • 53’ Tri-Axle Reefers

  • Dual Lane Dollie systems

  • Gross Weight Capacity: to 52,000 lbs. and 4250 cube

  • Gross Weight Capacity: to 62,000 lbs.

  • Gross Weight Capacity: to 62,000 lbs. and 5095 cube

We determine the required equipment needed for transporting any over dimensional freight, and break bulk cargo domestically. We obtain the required permits and can help create a specific trucking route taking into consideration bridges, narrow passes, or any other obstacles that may hinder transport.